Preparing for a 1st interview

Your CV/Resume has been well received, you’ve been asked to attend an interview, you want to make a positive impact! 

The initial interview may only last 30-60 minutes, this isn’t a long-time for you to leave a lasting impression - Preparation is key!

You want to respond effectively to the interview questions, with your replies demonstrating why you are perfect for the role and the organization.

Typically, the questions you’ll be facing at 1st interview stage are fairly common, so you’ll be expected to answer them succinctly (don’t waffle) and without hesitation.

To give you a head start, we’ve prepared some common interview questions for you. Ahead of any interview, why not review them and consider how you’d respond.

1      Tell me about yourself?

2      Why are you looking for a new role?

3      Why did you leave your last role?

4      What do you understand about this role?

5      Why would you like to join this organization?

6      What is your greatest strength?

7      Why should we hire you?

8      Why do you want this job?

9      What are you goals for the future?

10    What are your salary expectations?

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