How do you explain a gap on your CV/Resume?

There could be many reasons why you’ve taken a break from employment but knowing how to address them on your CV/Resume can be a challenge.

The first thing to say at this point, is that honesty is always the best policy! 

If you do have a significant gap on your CV/Resume, think about whether your CV/Resume is the best place to identify the gap. You could always explain it in your covering letter and highlight the skills you’ve picked up during this gap, making you a great candidate for the role.

Don’t be tempted to extend the period you’ve worked for an employer to cover up a gap. Fill the gap with any voluntary work, training courses or skills you’ve picked up during your break.

If you’ve taken a break to go travelling, care for a sick relative, redundancy etc, these are all perfectly valid and normal reasons which recruiters will be familiar with. The important piece is to make sure you address the gap(s) properly, include what you’ve achieved during the gap and demonstrate how enthusiastic you are about re-joining the working world.

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